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7 comfort foods you can order in Toronto right now

It’s been a tough couple of months for everyone. People have lost jobs, businesses have closed, others who were lucky enough to keep their jobs have had to deal with a pay cut. Things are uncertain and everyone’s left to deal with this crisis in social isolation away from their support system. At times you just want to hug a tub of ice cream, crawl into a ball, and bury yourself under a warm comforter. When things become too much to handle people eat their feelings. We get it. We do what we can

10 Facts You May Not Know About Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

He’s the charismatic Canadian Prime Minister known the world over for his movie-star good looks and eloquent speeches about climate change, women’s rights, and refugees. He’s one of the world’s most popular politicians, and he often makes his fans around the world swoon on social media, most notably during his appearance at the Toronto Gay Pride parade in 2017 and when he attended the World Economic Forum in Davos donning a pair of purple and yellow rubber ducky socks. Many people are intrigued

Seven desserts you can order in Toronto right now

Now more than ever people need to look after themselves for their sanity’s sake. You do what you have to to get through this crisis and if this means stuffing your face silly with all the desserts you can get your grubby hands on to help ease that coronavirus anxiety we’ve got great news for you. Many dessert shops are open and churning out scrumptious treats for your every dessert craving. And what’s even better is that they deliver to your doorstep via apps like Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes.

10 Best Countries For Solo Travelers

Not much in life is as transformative as solo travel, and it is not just for the lost or broken-hearted. Many consider traveling the best education money can afford, and solo travel is food for the soul. It allows you to see the world in a different light, one that the office cubicle might not have afforded. Traveling sans companions allows you to march to the beat of your own drum, quite literally. You will not have to wait on others, and you can just let your feet take you wherever you want.

'I Know Someday I Will Stop Being the Center of My Son's Universe'

“Mama you are the best cook in the world, and I love you very very much,” my 5-year-old told me today while playing. “When I grow up I’ll give you a prize, a bracelet,” he declared. I stopped what I was doing and asked him for a hug. I then watched him play beside me as he continued to share all his plans for me when he grows up and when I grow old. “You’re the best mama in the whole world. I will work mama, and I will take care of you,” he beamed. I smiled and took a mental picture

Canada's five best grocery delivery apps

As the virus continues to linger in public places, waiting quietly for the next host, officials continue to urge people to stay indoors. Many are turning to online sites and apps to order items including groceries and medicine. Most can be downloaded onto your phone and will give you access to several supermarkets and pharmacies in your area. They have personal shoppers who scour the store to look for the items you need and when they’re done shopping you can either pick up the groceries at the

Watch Out For These COVID-19 Scams

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, scammers continue to take advantage of people’s fear and panic. There has been an abundance of reports about fraudulent offers, phishing emails, and text messages from people pretending to be part of the government or other reputable organizations. Most trick people into giving sensitive personal and financial information, others dupe victims into sending money. The best course of action against these scams is to arm yourself with awareness and enough infor

12 Of The Most Expensive Countries To Travel To

There are places for budget backpacking travelers, then there are places like the ones on this list that are ready to burn a hole in your pocket and drain your bank account. We’re talking expensive hotel stays, exorbitant taxi rates, and pricey fine-dining to spoil your palate. If money is no object and you’re looking for a place to travel and spend serious amounts of cash, here are the countries that are mainstays in many most expensive lists based on studies like the ones published by Hoppa an

Balcony socializing is now a worldwide phenomenon

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about humans throughout our millions of years on Earth, its that we find ways to survive. Amidst the devastating news about the coronavirus, about how it’s wreaking havoc on people’s lives, pushing healthcare systems to their limits, and bringing countries to their knees, are stories of people thriving even while in self-isolation. These are the people who choose to continue living despite the grim circumstances around them. When forced to self-isolate and mai

7 post-apocalyptic Netflix shows to binge right now

As people slowly trudge through their second month on lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation or whatever they want to call it, everyone’s starting to desperately look for some form of escape. While it’s hard to do that physically with a stay-at-home order still in place and officers ready to slap people with hefty fines, you can always just stay home and get lost in the treasure trove that is Netflix. Others prefer to escape the craziness of coronavirus with the even crazier chaos of documentarie

5 ways to take care of your mental health during quarantine

As the virus continues to wreak havoc on people's bodies and the economy, the social distancing and self-isolation measures are having a severe impact on mental health as well. People’s lives have been upended so completely that many experts believe once lockdowns are over, the world will have to battle another crisis, one that is also invisible to the naked eye and is just as alarming as coronavirus. Numerous experts believe that there is a loomin

10 Of The Most-Visited Canadian Cities

Canada is a beautiful country replete with majestic wonders of nature and brimming with opportunities to connect with wildlife. But aside from its famous nature spots Canada is also home to many modern metropoles that have welcomed people of diverse cultures from all over the world. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver are melting pots of various cultures where people of different backgrounds share their cuisine, language, music, and arts. From the glistening lakes of Banff to the skyscrapers in d

Five Stories of Parents Learning from their Kids about Adapting to Canada

Jny Simon moved to Canada from France in 2019 and learned a few lessons when her baby came into her life. “I was seven months pregnant [when we arrived], and we didn’t have an apartment.” Photo: [Submitted] Canadian immigrants from different parts of the world explain how their children coped with the challenges of moving to a new country and helped them do the same. Thousands of families migrate to Canada every year in search of the proverbial greener pastures, but moving your family to the o

10 Major Takeaways Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

This pandemic has shaken us to our core, rendered many health care systems helpless, and brought countries to their knees. Our financial systems are suffering, economies are being battered by the ruthless onslaught that many believe it will take a while for it to fully recover. Industries are getting shut-down, some partially, others fully. Families have been driven indoors, those who are lucky are working from home, others have been laid off. These are trying times to say the least. This pande

Family friendly virtual visits to attractions around the world

So before they run out of Netflix episodes to binge watch and start thinking of ways to entertain themselves, here are some virtual places your little ones can visit while stuck at home. This is a fun boredom-busting idea all members of the family can enjoy. Yes, including little ones who may be too small to ride the real thing, and grown-ups who chickened out the last at the last in person visit. While the aquarium is closed right now, kids can still visit many of their creatures through live

10 Best Tom Hardy Movies To Watch While Waiting For Capone

People the world over have been fascinated and intrigued by his larger than life persona. Al Capone, more popularly known as Scarface, lived a life of crime dominating the world of organized criminal syndicates in Chicago at the turn of the twentieth century. RELATED: 10 Locations From Hit Films You Can Visit Today His life was so enigmatic it has inspired several movies, including a new one starring Oscar-nominated actor Tom Hardy. But before watching Hardy’s mesmerizing portrayal of the noto

Kids get stressed too, here's how to deal

The coronavirus situation is changing so fast that it’s so hard for families to keep up. Families have been driven indoors, employees are asked to leave the office and work remotely. Many of us are stuck at home waiting for news about developments. But amidst the confusion and anxiety what most of us forget is that children are also left to adjust to this drastic change in their routine. Schools and daycare centres are closed, activities canceled. No more birthday parties, playdates, and trips

10 Best Travel Blogs To Follow During Lockdown

The Switzerland Tourism Authority released a video aptly called “Dream Now, Travel Later.” It’s a very short snippet showing breathtaking sites in this tiny landlocked country. Just like the country's most famous export, it induces bittersweet emotions in many who have a penchant for travel. So, why don’t you heed Switzerland’s advice while you're on self-isolation? Amidst orders to stay home, that’s the most travel bugs can do anyway. While you’re waiting for borders to open to travel again, wh

10 Ways The World May Change After The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Over

A crisis of this magnitude can change the course of history. We are in the midst of a dizzying series of shifts that are so drastic it has become difficult to follow. While we are cooped up indoors, the world is going through transformations so irreversible, that when we step out into the outside world in two or three months it will almost be unrecognizable. Things will not be the same, people will not be the same, countries will never be the same. We will never look at things the same way agai

10 Popular Corner Store Items From Japan Not Available In The US

Japan is on many people’s travel bucket list. A lot of travelers from all over the globe dream of someday visiting the land of the rising sun for good reason. The country offers tourists a fascinating ancient culture, exquisite natural wonders, and mouth-watering gastronomic fares. But the place is also notoriously expensive that it’s a mainstay in many lists of the most expensive places to visit. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to enjoy Japan if you plan, do research, and fin
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