Preventing Picky Eating In Your Toddlers Starts With You

Children’s eating behaviours develop and evolve during the first few years of life. According to a study done by researchers from the Center for Childhood Obesity Research at the Pennsylvania State University and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, the first five years of life are when eating behaviour most matter, as it serves as a foundation for future eating patterns. “During these early years, children are learning what, when, and how much to eat based on the transmission of cultural and familial beliefs, attitudes, and practices surrounding food and eating," the study explains.

Effective Ways To Treat Postpartum Stretch Marks

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Types Of Sterilization That Women Can Undergo To Prevent Pregnancy

The decision to have another baby or add more children to a family should ideally involve a lot of planning and careful consideration. Aside from making sure a family is ready financially, a couple must also make sure they are emotionally prepared to raise another child. An unplanned pregnancy may not always mean unwanted, but most unintentional pregnancies can sometimes cause stress on a couple who isn’t ready for another addition to their family. According to a research paper by Dr. Deborah Bartz of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology of the Harvard Medical School, unintended pregnancies are expensive for parents and for society in terms of medical costs, the cost of caring for more children, and the cost of personal and professional goals.

Living With A COVID-19 Patient: 5 Dos And 5 Donts

According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control coronavirus is more transmissible than seasonal influenza and since it is a new virus, nobody has prior immunity, which means the entire human population is potentially susceptible to COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 infection. So even with precautions, some people, including those in your family, may fall victim to this virus. The good news is, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most people who get sick wi

10 Ways to Manage Gestational Diabetes

Many women who had gestational diabetes (GD) during pregnancy go on to have healthy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies without complications. This is done through proper management and control of the condition and close coordination with their doctors. RELATED: 10 Things You’ll Miss About Pregnancy When You’re Not Pregnant Anymore If you are one of those who have been diagnosed with this condition there are so many things you can do to manage it and to make sure you and your baby sta

10 Things About Gestational Diabetes You Should Know

Gestational Diabetes or GD is diabetes that happens to women who are pregnant and who did not have diabetes before conceiving according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). It’s a condition that can affect both the mother and her baby so it needs medical attention. RELATED: 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Morning Sickness The good news about it though, is that this condition can be controlled and many women who develop GD while pregnant go on to deliver healthy babies witho

10 Pandemics Throughout History

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t the first to hit the human civilization. Throughout history there have been numerous pandemics, others much worse than COVID-19, that claimed the lives of thousands even millions of people. Ever since humans learned to live in groups forming communities where they live close to each other and also travel across the seas, the world has seen numerous diseases spread like wildfire. Here are ten pandemics that plagued humans in the past. Also known as the Plague of Ga

10 Things You Should Know About Hyperemesis Gravidarum

You may have heard it in the news a few times. In recent years, there’s been talk about this condition in mainstream media thanks to celebrities and A-listers who experienced it and continue to talk about it in interviews. RELATED: 10 Tips To Parent A Toddler While Expectant And Tired It’s that hard-to-pronounce condition that’s even harder to spell. Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is an extreme form of morning sickness that’s afflicting pregnant women across the globe. Here are a few things about

7 Things You Need To Know about Gestational Diabetes

According to research by the ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies Study Group, ''the overall prevalence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in the Southeast Asian Region is at 7.6 percent for low-risk pregnancies and a whopping 31.5 percent for high-risk pregnancies." What’s even more alarming is that according to their report, the Philippines had the highest overall prevalence at 14 percent.This just shows the magnitude of the GDM problem in the country and the importance of being vigi

3 Gestational Diabetes Dos and Don'ts

“In the Philippines, 1.9 percent of pregnant women admitted in the last 5 years have Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and 5.1 percent have Type 2 DM (diabetes mellitus),” says Dr. Mary Jane Gutierrez of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism. “The risk factors include: obesity; genetic susceptibility especially [if you’re] of Southeast Asian descent; sedentary lifestyle; high fat diet; cigarette smoking, hypertension, history of polycystic ovaries, abnormal blood glucose l

When it’s not your simple morning sickness

For many of us, hyperemesis is that difficult-to-remember condition that Dutchess Kate Middleton is suffering from. She went through it during her first two pregnancies, and is now going through it again with her third. She has disappeared from the public eye and has not really ever talked much about her ordeal. The world rejoiced with the idea of having a new prince or princess without much thought about what really goes on now behind their royal closed doors. Many are not fully aware of the s

Not cute!

Childhood obesity is slowly becoming an epidemic. Young children are falling victim to the condition which the World Health Organization (WHO) considers one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. “The problem is global and is steadily affecting many low-income and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings. The prevalence has increased at an alarming rate,” the WHO reports. The number of overweight children under the age of five around the world is estima

Countries With The Most Hospital Beds Per Capita

Is your country ready for the coronavirus pandemic? We hear news about different countries’ overwhelmed health systems with many hospital staff working longer hours now to cater to the growing number of those infected by the virus. We also hear of news about the shortage of medical supplies like masks, gowns, and gloves as well as the lack of enough ventilators. Many private companies have stepped in to offer help with famous designers even converting their factories to produce masks and gowns f

When the Visits Stop and the Health Risks Start

We’re all headed there and there’s no point resisting the inevitable. When we’re done bearing beautiful spawns, nature takes its course. Soon you’ll start having irregular periods with cycles coming further apart. This initial stage according to the US National Institute on Aging (NIA) is called the menopausal transition (or perimenopause), which often starts between the ages 44 to 55. This can last up to about seven years or as long as 14 years, after which the period slowly tapers off until it

5 Reasons to Breast-Feed: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Miriam Labbok

“There is no comparing milk across species,” declares Dr. Miriam Labbok, Director of the Carolina Global Breast-feeding Institute at the University of North Carolina. Dr. Labbok, who’s a world renowned breast-feeding advocate and one of the founders of the Academy of Breast-feeding (ABM), has written over 300 research papers and book chapters on breast-feeding and women and children’s health. “Cow’s milk is designed by nature to grow calves.  Even with modification, cow’s milk proteins and o

Yes, You Can: 7 Things New Moms Should Know about Breast-feeding

We know, we know. After nine long months of carrying a wriggling, kicking, little person inside your body—nine long months of mood swings, hormonal changes, epic discomforts—the last thing you want to do is pull another all-nighter to work on ‘the latch’ or desperately squeeze milk out of your bosom. While breast-feeding might seem like a daunting task at first, especially for a sleep-deprived zombified new mom like you, the advantages far outweigh the “work” involved. The hard part-- gettin
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