Setting Up An Instagram Account For Your Baby Isn't Worth The Risk

Proud parents like talking about their little bundles of joy, and sharing about their baby’s milestones, daily activities, and cute outfits. And with the huge dependence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with friends and family, parents are now doing in what is known as “sharenting”. The practise involves regularly uploading photos and videos or other types of content about their children online. A 2016 study published on The New Educational Review, shows that p

Let’s stop raising entitled children

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but truth is no matter how spectacular we think our children are, we have to, at some point, accept that they are not going to be the center of the universe, not all the time and not for other people. We have to start rearing them to accept this reality. While we pray that they end up finding the cure for cancer or being as brilliant as the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world we have to get them ready for a normal life, too. One that doesn’t involve s

Sorry, It Wasn't Me Who Sent You That Close-Up Photo of a Nostril

I’m sorry. I wasn’t the one who sent you that photo of our ceiling and my foot. I also wasn’t the one who sent you an inappropriate laughing smiley after you posted a status about losing your phone. Which may or may not have been followed by a long line of random characters via private message. You see, I have rambunctious children that include a terrorist toddler who sometimes hijacks my phone. He can navigate my phone’s applications like a boss and has seemingly memorized my passcodes (go f

This is Why I, and a Million Other Moms, Stay Up Late

I’m writing this at 2 a.m. in my part of the world. I know tomorrow or more like later, the early morning rush will kick my butt. But I am willing to trade a few hours of sleep for this much needed alone time. You see right now I am staring into my mug of hot chocolate and thinking “Wow I really have time to stare into a mug!” Right now I can feel my body breathing, I can hear air going through my nostrils. I feel like I’m here, I exist. I have time to think.

How to Help Children Deal With Stress During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus situation is changing so fast that it’s so hard for families to keep up. Families have been driven indoors, employees are asked to leave the office and work remotely. Many of us are stuck at home waiting for news about developments. But amidst the confusion and anxiety what most of us forget is that children are also left to adjust to this drastic change in their routine. Schools and daycare centres are closed, activities canceled. No more birthday parties, playdates, and trips

10 Benefits of Gardening With Small Children

Gardening can be one of the most enjoyable family bonding activities all members from various age groups can appreciate. Being outdoors enjoying the fresh air and some much-needed sunlight while being in touch with nature has many benefits not just for adults but for little children as well. It’s a great afternoon activity you can do together as a family and introduce even to small kids. Here are a few reasons to get your young children to join you in the garden. Gardening is a fun way to peel

10 Ways To Introduce Your New Born To Your Toddler

Welcoming a new addition to your family can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You now have a new bundle of joy to add more happiness to your abode, but you also may be thinking about how the new baby can change the lives of all the people in your family. RELATED: Life With A New Baby: 10 Ways To Make Sure Older Siblings Get Attention With a new baby comes new sets of rules, new routines and schedules, new adjustments. And if you are a parent of a toddler this can be more nerve-wracking sinc

10 Benefits Of Baking With Toddlers

Allowing little children to help out around the house makes them feel important, valued, and loved. Giving them tasks at home and letting them contribute to activities inside the house makes them feel that they have a role to play in the family. It makes them feel valuable. Even toddlers can help out with simple tasks at home. They can help organize things or they can even help out in the kitchen. Baking is one of the most enjoyable and memorable activities children can do with their parents in

Seven life skills to teach your kids if you're burned out on home school

Teaching requires a certain level of patience, a whole lot of empathy, and plenty of training. These are thing not all parents have, which is why homeschooling during the coronavirus lockdowns amidst a stay-at-home order has been a struggle for so many of us. While teachers continue to move mountains to try to bring some semblance of normalcy into their students’ routines, they do understand that parents can only do so much. Parents are encouraged to do what they can. That’s why many who are st

Six Tech Tools to Help Parents Homeschool Their Kids

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks especially if you’re one of the parents who are now tasked with homeschooling multiple kids while working full-time from home. Many are now juggling their workload with navigating google classroom and counting or dividing apples in the fridge with their kids all while cooking meals and keeping the house looking at least habitable based on acceptable human standards. If you are one of those parents who are losing their mind figuring out how to make this work, we

10 Ways The Lives Of Children Have Been Affected During Lockdown

Amidst talks about the effect of this pandemic on the economy, on businesses, on the way we work, we sometimes forget the little people who have also been affected by this unprecedented crisis. You don’t see them on TV giving interviews, they don’t often talk about how they feel about this pandemic as they sit quietly in front of the TV, but they could also be dealing with stress and anxiety just like adults. Their lives, just like everyone else’s have been turned upside down too. Here are 10 wa

10 Best Got #Toddlered Photos From Parents

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10 Life Hacks to Help Parents Survive Sleepless Nights With a Newborn

Ah, life with a newborn. This is your baptism of fire as a parent, the moment you question your choices, at times your sanity, and what day it is. As your child—this screaming ball of a baby that keeps pooping and wanting to feed every hour—turns your world upside down and shakes your biological clock to its core you realize what everyone’s talking about. RELATED: The 10 Most Underrated Things About Newborns As you stare out into space while feeding your child or force your eyes to remain open

10 Best Movies To Watch With Your Kids During Lockdown

Based on recent announcements by officials, it looks like we would need to stay home and self-isolate longer. We won’t be able to venture out and get back to our normal lives anytime soon the way many had hoped. But instead of moping around feeling down and upset, think of this as a chance to spend more time with the family. It’s the perfect opportunity to order in, get comfortable on the couch in your pajamas, and have family movie marathon all day with your kids. Remind yourself that this is

10 Ways Schools Are Combating The Lockdown To Educate The Children

It’s been more than a month since officials ordered schools to close and keep kids at home. This was done to curb the spread of coronavirus that has been wreaking havoc on people's lives worldwide. But mere weeks into the lockdown teachers have found numerous ways to reach out to their students who are stuck at home. Many government officials believe that a lockdown doesn’t mean children should stop learning. This is why school boards have brought the classrooms straight into children’s homes.

10 Best Ways To Keep Kids Entertained During School Closures

Because of this pandemic, schools have been closed indefinitely. While our front liners fight this battle in hospitals all across the country, kids are requested to stay indoors as they wait for announcements from their schools. Parents are now faced with the challenge of keeping their little ones entertained while cooped up indoors. This is especially important these days because parents are also supposed to work from home to cover their bills. If you are one of those looking for ways to keep

Yes, You Can: 7 Things New Moms Should Know about Breast-feeding

We know, we know. After nine long months of carrying a wriggling, kicking, little person inside your body—nine long months of mood swings, hormonal changes, epic discomforts—the last thing you want to do is pull another all-nighter to work on ‘the latch’ or desperately squeeze milk out of your bosom. While breast-feeding might seem like a daunting task at first, especially for a sleep-deprived zombified new mom like you, the advantages far outweigh the “work” involved. The hard part-- gettin

Virtual Places Around The World You Can Take Your Kids To During The Lockdown

So before they run out of Netflix episodes to binge watch and start thinking of ways to entertain themselves, here are some virtual places your little ones can visit while stuck at home. This is a fun boredom-busting idea all members of the family can enjoy. Yes, including little ones who may be too small to ride the real thing, and grown-ups who chickened out the last at the last in person visit. While the aquarium is closed right now, kids can still visit many of their creatures through live

10 Apps Every Work At Home Parent Needs

Many years ago working from home wasn’t really an option for many parents. Most of our grandparents were tied to a desk, clocked in and out at specific times of the day, and were forced to show up in the office daily. But now with laptop computers that let people work from virtually anywhere, and the speed of Wi-Fi everywhere, parents have the option to work from home, from their backyard, from the porch, from the playground or even a coffee shop across from their kids’ school. And in recent yea

10 Places To "Take" Your Kids To While In Self-Isolation

The spread of coronavirus worldwide has forced many families indoors. Companies have ordered employees to vacate their offices and work from home, schools have been closed. Playdates and other gatherings have also been canceled. All travel plans have been put on hold as we are all asked to stay home to flatten the curve. To flatten the curve means to limit the spread of the virus so we can give our overwhelmed health care systems enough time to catch up. RELATED: 10 Fun Activities For Your Litt
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