Millennial Moms Still Carry A Bigger Burden Than Dads

It’s been more than 40 years since women demanding equal treatment marched the streets during the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s. One hundred years have passed since the technological revolution of the 20s freed women of the drudgery of housework and allowed them to join the workforce. Much seems to have changed—more women are occupying jobs previously held exclusively by men, more mothers are now pursuing advanced education, many are running organizations and institutions, but so much still needs to be done to break through the proverbial glass ceiling.

Are Former Soviet Member Countries More Religious Today?

As soon the Bolsheviks and Lenin took power in 1917, they introduced an anti-religious campaign throughout Russia and soon the entire Soviet Union (USSR). The ruling power’s ideology was based on principles of Marxism developed by philosopher and revolutionary Karl Marx who once stated that “religion is the opium of the people.” For many years the Soviet power restricted religious freedom and launched an aggressive campaign against all forms of religious worship. Its efforts are documented in a

Key Facts About Working Women In America

Women have been contributing their skills, knowledge, and talents to the US economy for many years. Aside from running households, many are also running corporations, organizations, and institutions throughout the US. The country saw the emergence of women leaving their homes to find employment at the start of the century so much so that government thought it best to establish a department solely dedicated to serving the needs of working women. On June 5, 1920, the Women’s Bureau of the U.S. De

How Are The Roles Of American Dads And Moms Changing?

The American family dynamics have been going through drastic shifts in the past decades particularly when it comes to the role of the mother and the father. Centuries ago, girls were primarily groomed to be homemakers and boys to be the breadwinners. The term “bring home the bacon” was a responsibility previously placed on the shoulders of men. They were expected to be the sole breadwinner of the family while the mother stays home to take care of the children. But as early as the 1950s people h

Ways In Which Climate Change Will Affect America

Climate change has been part of the political and environmental discourse for many decades. Yet, many remain unconvinced of its looming threat even with evidence of its devastating effects in modern-day life. Extreme unpredictable weather that has brought about destructive hurricanes, snowstorms, floods, and drought in different parts of the world is believed to be a direct result of climate change. Its effects in America cannot be denied and scientists predict that climate change’s impacts on t

10 Of The Greatest Threats To Human Life Around The World Today

Now more than ever we are seeing how fragile mankind’s existence can be. Humans all over the world are so interconnected, each one’s actions can have a ripple effect with consequences that can cascade globally. These consequences may become so catastrophic, that according to scientists, it can eventually lead to humankind’s extinction. While many doomsday scenarios in popular culture may seem out of touch, this doesn't mean that there are no real threats to humanity’s existence. According to th

The Official Flowers In Each US State

Each US state has an official state flower. These were carefully chosen to represent a state’s spirit and its people’s character. While some are endemic to each state, others have been imported from elsewhere. A flower does not have to be native to the land to be nominated, while most of these flowers have been growing in these areas since people can remember, some of the current state flowers did not even originate in the US. These are plants that were simply brought to the US, thrived well in

10 Biggest Issues Faced By Immigrants In A New Country

People have been migrating for thousands of years. A beautiful visualization of the movement of people across the planet from 600 BC up to the present day was recently created by Maximilian Schich of the University of Texas at Dallas along with other collaborators from Hungary, Switzerland, and the US. The model shows people migrating to different parts of the globe, some gravitating towards certain cities during different periods in civilization’s history. Today there are an estimated 272 mill

10 Ways To Make A Beautiful Backyard Wedding On A Budget

Opting for a simple wedding is not only practical but also financially smart considering the number of couples who go deep in debt after an extravagant, grandiose, and extremely expensive wedding that bore a hole in their bank accounts. More expenses await a couple after the wedding day after all. So instead of splurging on a wedding, many couples are choosing to save their money to buy a house or set it aside for when the baby comes instead. Some are also choosing to keep their weddings simple

The World as Seen Through Windows

The Switzerland Tourism Board released a video with a bittersweet message: "Dream now, travel later." It’s the least we can do with this virus still lingering outside after wreaking havoc on the airline and travel industry all over the world. Even after this pandemic is over, many experts believe that people will be wary about traveling and it might take a few years for most to feel comfortable to go around the world again. For now, all travel bugs can do is dream and travel later. With travel

Watch Out For These COVID-19 Scams

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, scammers continue to take advantage of people’s fear and panic. There has been an abundance of reports about fraudulent offers, phishing emails, and text messages from people pretending to be part of the government or other reputable organizations. Most trick people into giving sensitive personal and financial information, others dupe victims into sending money. The best course of action against these scams is to arm yourself with awareness and enough information...

Balcony Socializing is Now a Worldwide Phenomenon

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about humans throughout our millions of years on Earth, its that we find ways to survive. Amidst the devastating news about the coronavirus, about how it’s wreaking havoc on people’s lives, pushing healthcare systems to their limits, and bringing countries to their knees, are stories of people thriving even while in self-isolation. These are the people who choose to continue living despite the grim circumstances around them.

Six Frontline Jobs We Should Appreciate Right Now

While we are safely indoors moping around and complaining about how bored we are, there are people out there who still need to go to work even amidst this unprecedented crisis. These are the people whose jobs are so essential we won’t survive or have any semblance of normalcy without them. They deserve our appreciation. Aside from the nurses and doctors waging this war in emergency rooms across the globe, there are front line warriors in our shops, handling our packages...

6 Ways to Fight Boredom While Self-isolating

It’s week three of our self-isolation, and we know you’re feeling more and more like the characters in that post-apocalyptic Netflix series you’ve been watching. Now that you’ve probably run out of movies to stream, Korean dramas to binge-watch, telenovelas and drawers to Konmari, you’re probably looking for more creative ways to amuse yourself so you can stop scrubbing your oranges with wet wipes. Hang in there, we’re giving you a few activities you can do that will help you feel a little bit

Five Questions to Ask Before Getting a Pet During This Pandemic

First, it was toilet paper, then it was flour and baking supplies, now people are rushing to animal shelters to adopt pets. Animal shelters across Canada and the US are reporting a surge in inquiries about pet adoption. Pets have become so in demand that shelters are getting cleared out fast. A few weeks ago, Riverside County Animal Services in California reported getting all their animals adopted. "We cleared the shelter!" the team announced on their official Instagram account.

How to Help Children Deal With Stress During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus situation is changing so fast that it’s so hard for families to keep up. Families have been driven indoors, employees are asked to leave the office and work remotely. Many of us are stuck at home waiting for news about developments. But amidst the confusion and anxiety what most of us forget is that children are also left to adjust to this drastic change in their routine. Schools and daycare centres are closed, activities canceled. No more birthday parties, playdates, and trips

10 Major Takeaways Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

This pandemic has shaken us to our core, rendered many health care systems helpless, and brought countries to their knees. Our financial systems are suffering, economies are being battered by the ruthless onslaught that many believe it will take a while for it to fully recover. Industries are getting shut-down, some partially, others fully. Families have been driven indoors, those who are lucky are working from home, others have been laid off. These are trying times to say the least. This pande

10 Ways The World May Change After The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Over

A crisis of this magnitude can change the course of history. We are in the midst of a dizzying series of shifts that are so drastic it has become difficult to follow. While we are cooped up indoors, the world is going through transformations so irreversible, that when we step out into the outside world in two or three months it will almost be unrecognizable. Things will not be the same, people will not be the same, countries will never be the same. We will never look at things the same way agai

Seven ways to celebrate Mother's Day during the coronavirus lockdown

Who knew we would be celebrating Mother’s Day in the middle of a pandemic? That one special day dedicated to recognizing all the back-breaking work moms do for their children, when we give them a break from all the cooking and cleaning so we take them out to eat, buy them flowers to make them feel beautiful, and let them drink as much wine as they can consume. With restaurants still closed, a stay-at-home order still in place, and that nasty virus still lurking outside waiting to latch on to the
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