Tricks To Help Your Baby Take Medicine

One of the many challenging tasks that come with caring for a baby or a little tot is helping them take medicine. Unlike most other tasks that you can push to a later time, taking medicine often follows a strict schedule—they have to take it at specific times of the day otherwise the medication won’t work. Remember that you are not supposed to force a struggling child to take any medicine according to information from the Seattle Children’s Hospital-Children’s Foundation. Doing this can lead to

Millennial Moms Still Carry A Bigger Burden Than Dads

It’s been more than 40 years since women demanding equal treatment marched the streets during the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s. One hundred years have passed since the technological revolution of the 20s freed women of the drudgery of housework and allowed them to join the workforce. Much seems to have changed—more women are occupying jobs previously held exclusively by men, more mothers are now pursuing advanced education, many are running organizations and institutions, but so much still needs to be done to break through the proverbial glass ceiling.

How To Homeschool Older Kids With A Baby In The House

With the coronavirus still lingering outside, many parents are planning to homeschool their children. Homeschooling itself sounds difficult as is, but when you have to juggle homeschooling older kids while taking care of a baby, it sounds all the more impossible. If you are one of those parents who will have to deal with this kind of set-up and are now feeling anxious, rest assured that many parents have done this before, and yes, it is possible. Thousands of parents have been homeschooling thei

How To Respond When Your Toddler Is Aggressive To The Babysitter

Toddlers are naturally playful and sometimes rambunctious. And because they are still trying to control their emotions, tantrums and aggression can become common. Aggression in very young children is often driven by frustration. Adults including your babysitter need to understand this about very young children. Adults are there to help young children understand their own emotions and make sense of what they are feeling, why they are feeling it, and how to control it. They need to set limits and

Is It Baby Acne Or Baby Eczema?

Babies are born with ultra-sensitive skin. And as you spend more time staring at your little bundle of joy, you may notice a few bumps and rashes on his or her face and body. Rashes and minor skin conditions are quite common among babies. Some do not require treatment and may go away after a few days. But if you think this is causing him discomfort, you need to find out what these rashes are and what you can do about it. Among the most common skin conditions in babies, one to six months old are

How To Make A Scrapbook Of Your Baby's 1st Year

Parents of older children know this well: little children don’t stay little forever. They are only babies for a year, a toddler for three to four years, and preschoolers for a couple more. Then they’re six, you blink and they’re sixteen. Time flies so fast when in parenthood especially when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities alongside raising a child. This is why many parents turn to scrapbooking to keep mementos, pictures, and stories to remember their baby’s first year. The simple act

I Think I Had A Baby With The Wrong Person - What Should I Do?

Having a baby is a huge responsibility and commitment. Many parents believe that it can change your life forever. It will change the way you and your relationships work. If you are one of those who feel like your partner has changed after having a baby and your relationship is deteriorating following the birth of your child, know that this is fairly common and you are not alone. According to a study by researchers from Texas A&M University and the University of Denver, published in the Journal

Should I Have A Baby If I'm On The Fence About It?

The simple answer is no. If you are unsure about having a baby, it’s best to have it later in life when you're a lot more ready for the responsibility. Becoming a parent is extremely rewarding, but it's a life-long commitment that will change your home life forever. Or course many have welcomed a child unexpectedly and ended up becoming amazing parents. But if you have the chance to think and plan now, it will make your start as a parent a lot less stressful. If you feel you're not fully ready

Preventing Picky Eating In Your Toddlers Starts With You

Children’s eating behaviours develop and evolve during the first few years of life. According to a study done by researchers from the Center for Childhood Obesity Research at the Pennsylvania State University and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, the first five years of life are when eating behaviour most matter, as it serves as a foundation for future eating patterns. “During these early years, children are learning what, when, and how much to eat based on the transmission of cultural and familial beliefs, attitudes, and practices surrounding food and eating," the study explains.

Setting Up An Instagram Account For Your Baby Isn't Worth The Risk

Proud parents like talking about their little bundles of joy, and sharing about their baby’s milestones, daily activities, and cute outfits. And with the huge dependence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with friends and family, parents are now doing in what is known as “sharenting”. The practise involves regularly uploading photos and videos or other types of content about their children online. A 2016 study published on The New Educational Review, shows that p

Effective Ways To Treat Postpartum Stretch Marks

A stretch mark is a type of scar that appears on the skin when it stretches or shrinks quickly. They first appear red or purple, but some people can have pink or brown marks. These colored bands disappear over time and are replaced by narrow depressions on the skin. They commonly appear around the thighs, abdomen, female breasts, and upper arms in males. It happens during rapid weight gain, muscle hypertrophy in bodybuilders, after breast augmentation, and most notably after pregnancy. In pregnant women, maternal and family history of stretch marks increases pre-pregnancy and predelivery weight. An increase in birth weight can put a woman at an increased risk of having stretch marks, according to a study by researchers from the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at the Academic Teaching Hospital.

Let’s stop raising entitled children

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but truth is no matter how spectacular we think our children are, we have to, at some point, accept that they are not going to be the center of the universe, not all the time and not for other people. We have to start rearing them to accept this reality. While we pray that they end up finding the cure for cancer or being as brilliant as the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world we have to get them ready for a normal life, too. One that doesn’t involve s

Sorry, It Wasn't Me Who Sent You That Close-Up Photo of a Nostril

I’m sorry. I wasn’t the one who sent you that photo of our ceiling and my foot. I also wasn’t the one who sent you an inappropriate laughing smiley after you posted a status about losing your phone. Which may or may not have been followed by a long line of random characters via private message. You see, I have rambunctious children that include a terrorist toddler who sometimes hijacks my phone. He can navigate my phone’s applications like a boss and has seemingly memorized my passcodes (go f

This is Why I, and a Million Other Moms, Stay Up Late

I’m writing this at 2 a.m. in my part of the world. I know tomorrow or more like later, the early morning rush will kick my butt. But I am willing to trade a few hours of sleep for this much needed alone time. You see right now I am staring into my mug of hot chocolate and thinking “Wow I really have time to stare into a mug!” Right now I can feel my body breathing, I can hear air going through my nostrils. I feel like I’m here, I exist. I have time to think.
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