How Social Media Is Making You Sad, According to Science

No, you are not imagining it. Prolonged social media use could really be making you sad. While it has revolutionized the way we connect, too much social media use can negatively impact your mental health. Studies have linked social media use with increased levels of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. And with more research coming out about this relatively new technology, the list of effects goes on. Here are a few of the negative effects that social media can have on your mental wellbeing...

Have You Spotted These Common Social Media Phishing Attacks?

Social media phishing is a form of cyberattack using social networking sites instead of emails. Although the channel is different, the goal is the same—to trick you into giving your personal information or downloading a malicious file. Social media is a favorite among cybercriminals because there isn’t a shortage of victims. And because of the trusted environment, there’s a goldmine of private data they can use to launch a follow-up spear-phishing attack. Here’s how they’re doing these on some

5 Ways Cybercriminals Target Children Online

The internet can be a scary place for your children. Without protection and parental supervision, kids can be exposed to cybercriminals. From luring children in using apps to stealing photos from parents' accounts, here are some of the different ways cybercriminals target kids. What many parents don’t realize is that their children can become victims of identity theft. Most of the time, you won't even know that a child’s identity has been stolen until problems come up. It could be years later

8 Types of Phishing Attacks You Should Know About

Phishing is still one of the biggest cybersecurity threats in the world. In fact, according to research by cybersecurity firm Barracuda, phishing has become so rampant that the number of coronavirus-related phishing attacks increased by 667 percent from January to March this year. What’s even more alarming is that according to an Intel study, up to 97 percent of people cannot identify a phishing email. To avoid becoming a victim, you need to know the different ways phishers could try to attack

What is Pharming and How Do You Protect Yourself From It?

Pharming is a type of cyber attack that involves redirecting web traffic from a legitimate site to a bogus site. The latter is designed to look like the legitimate site so users will be duped into logging in and typing their details. These details are then harvested by "pharmers" and used for illegal activities. Like phishing, pharming is meant to collect user information like username and passwords or bank details. Although compared to phishing, pharming is much more sophisticated and sinister.

10 of The Most Chilling Cyber Crimes in History

According to a study by researchers from the Clark School's Center for Risk and Reliability and Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland, hackers are trying to attack computers with Internet connection every 39 seconds. A separate study by research firm CyberEdge meanwhile found that among those organizations they surveyed 81% were affected by a cyberattack last year. These figures are expected to go higher as cybercriminals become smarter and stealthier.

Canada's 5 Best Grocery Delivery Apps

As the virus continues to linger in public places, waiting quietly for the next host, officials continue to urge people to stay indoors. Many are turning to online sites and apps to order items including groceries and medicine. Most can be downloaded onto your phone and will give you access to several supermarkets and pharmacies in your area. They have personal shoppers who scour the store to look for the items you need ...

Six Tech Tools to Help Parents Homeschool Their Kids

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks especially if you’re one of the parents who are now tasked with homeschooling multiple kids while working full-time from home. Many are now juggling their workload with navigating google classroom and counting or dividing apples in the fridge with their kids all while cooking meals and keeping the house looking at least habitable based on acceptable human standards. If you are one of those parents who are losing their mind figuring out how to make this work, we

Millennial Parents' Guide To Modern-Day Baby Videos

Remember how decades ago, parents had to lug around big bulky video recorders during trips to capture moments on tape. And how they had to save those tapes in bulky boxes. Numerous trips, birthdays, many firsts, and a dozen other milestones meant racks and rows of tape that ate a lot of space at home. Now, smartphones have become so powerful they have allowed parents to record their children’s precious moments at any time as well as save a few of them to be reviewed or edited anytime anywhere.

10 Apps Every Solo Traveler Needs

There are a million and one reasons why solo travel should be in your bucket list. Many believe you have to travel alone at least once in your life. It’s an experience that will teach you so many things about the world and about yourself. You’ll know how it’s like to depend on yourself, to make decisions for yourself, and discover things on your own. But solo travel has its challenges, for one, you won’t have anyone to help you while on the road. Luckily there are now many apps for everything ev

Setting Up An Instagram Account For Your Baby Isn't Worth The Risk

Proud parents like talking about their little bundles of joy, and sharing about their baby’s milestones, daily activities, and cute outfits. And with the huge dependence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with friends and family, parents are now doing in what is known as “sharenting”. The practise involves regularly uploading photos and videos or other types of content about their children online. A 2016 study published on The New Educational Review, shows that p

10 Apps Every Work At Home Parent Needs

Many years ago working from home wasn’t really an option for many parents. Most of our grandparents were tied to a desk, clocked in and out at specific times of the day, and were forced to show up in the office daily. But now with laptop computers that let people work from virtually anywhere, and the speed of Wi-Fi everywhere, parents have the option to work from home, from their backyard, from the porch, from the playground or even a coffee shop across from their kids’ school. And in recent yea

10 Apps Everyone Traveling With Kids Needs

Many people believe that travel is the best gift you can give kids. Compared to toys the memories you create when you travel with your children last a lifetime. Moments created with their parents become kids’ “happiness anchor” as they grow up, that when faced with less-than-ideal circumstances people go back to beautiful memories with their family specifically ones that involve them traveling with their parents. Travel also has the power to develop children’s brains according to research. Their