What You Need To Know About Golang-Based Malware

Golang is becoming the programming language of choice for many malware developers. According to cybersecurity firm Intezer, there’s been an almost 2000 percent increase in the number of Go-based malware strains found in the wild since 2017. The number of attacks using this type of malware is expected to increase in the next couple of years. What’s most alarming is that we’re seeing many threat actors who are targeting multiple operating systems with strains from a single Go codebase.

Why That Email About Your Apple ID Being Locked Is a Scam

Since macOS and iOS are still more secure and impenetrable compared to other systems, cybercriminals resort to phishing tactics to hack into Apple accounts. They use social engineering to trick users into giving their Apple ID and password. So yes, that "Apple ID locked" email is fake. Here’s what you need to know about Apple scams and how you can spot one. Scammers who are out to steal your Apple information will use social engineering through phone calls, SMS, or even calendar invitations. B

3 Airbnb Scams You Need to Know About Before Booking Your Trip

Airbnb has long been criticized for its loose policies and even looser enforcement. Its rules are filled with loopholes that scammers have wriggled their way into. Things have gotten so bad that the internet is now filled with horror stories from vacationers who had a bad experience on the platform. Here are some of the most common Airbnb scams you should know about before booking somewhere for your next vacation, and tips for protecting yourself. The most common scammers you might encounter

How to Withdraw Money From Your TikTok Account

Many content creators on TikTok are using the platform not just as an outlet for self-expression, but also as a means to earn real cash. Through the TikTok Live Stream Program content creators earn TikTok diamonds, which can be converted into real money and withdrawn into a bank account. Here’s how to do that... How to Withdraw Money From Your TikTok Account If you have earned diamonds through the Live Stream Program, you can view your TikTok balance and withdraw it to your bank account. To

What Are TikTok Gifts, Diamonds, and Coins?

Besides providing endless hours of entertainment and a platform to share dance moves, TikTok allows content creators to make money through virtual gifts. Creators can join the TikTok Live Stream Program so they can live stream and earn gifts from their followers. Here's all you need to know about coins, gifts, and diamonds on TikTok. What to Know About the TikTok Live Stream Program The TikTok Live Stream Program isn't open to everyone. The program is only open to users who are aged 16 or o

What You Need To Know About Swatting

Imagine opening your door to see a swarm of heavily armed SWAT officers pointing their guns at you. You don’t know what’s happening. You have no idea why they’re raiding your home and kicking doors open. If this happens to you, you’ve become a victim of swatting. This means that someone placed a hoax 911 call to send authorities to your house. Many celebrities have become victims to this insidious “prank” and while it might seem like a joke for some, it can become extremely dangerous, even dead

What Are WordPress Plugins?

If you’re new to WordPress (WP), you might be wondering how everyone adds those nifty features and functions to their pages. Some might have turned their WP pages into a fully functioning e-commerce store, while others may have a job board or forum going on in there. The secret is in the site plugins. These allow them to customize their WP pages and add specific features. Whatever your needs are, there’s always a plugin for that. But what exactly is a plugin in WordPress? A plugin is a piece o

Were You Affected By the DoorDash Data Breach?

The demand for food delivery services like DoorDash has skyrocketed in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Since we give these apps a treasure trove of personal and banking information, you need to ask yourself, is my information safe? A massive DoorDash data breach by a third party was discovered in May 2019. A slew of personal information and financial details were compromised during the leak putting many at risk of a cyberattack. So how do you find out if you were affected by the DoorDash

Smart Health Card vs. Digital Vaccination Passport: What's the Big Difference?

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent healthcare systems reeling. Now, the prospect of digital health passports and smart health cards are gathering pace as governments and businesses alike attempt to return to normality. So, what is a smart health card, and is it the same as a health passport? A smart health card is a thin plastic with an embedded integrated circuit chip containing encrypted data. What makes it smart is the chip that acts as a supercomputer. The chip can be programmed to perform di

What Are Cyberwarfare, Cyberterrorism, and Cyberespionage?

It’s easy to brush these things off as just the stuff of Hollywood movies. But cyber threats like cyberterrorism, cyberwarfare, and large-scale cyber espionage exist IRL too. While most cybercrimes are performed with financial gain as the goal, cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism, and cyber espionage when used for the first two can have much more damage. The latter can include thousands of lives lost, injury to people, and disruption of society’s ability to maintain order.

7 Ways TikTok Is Getting Safer for Kids and Teenagers

Parents of children on TikTok can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The massively popular video-sharing platform now comes equipped with a line-up of features designed to protect the privacy of their young users. New features allow parents to have more control over their children's accounts, a lot of changes have been introduced to young teens’ default settings, and the platform also added more restrictions on many services like commenting. Here’s why TikTok isn’t such a scary place now.

What Is Social Media Addiction?

While there is still no formal diagnosis of social media addiction, there’s been a growing body of research about this emerging mental health problem. The popularity of social media platforms and the increasing dependence of people on their features have drastically increased over time. So much so that some are reporting signs of addiction to it—similar to those who are struggling with other dependencies. But what exactly is social media addiction? How do you know if your hobby has reached the

Group Chat Etiquette: 10 Things You Need To Stop Doing

You may have created one or have been unwittingly dragged into one by a friend. Group chats are nifty spaces carved online for people to interact. But just because they're a source of on-demand connection, doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all space where you can talk about yourself all the time and ping everyone in the middle of the night. There are still etiquette rules to follow so that you don’t get kicked out or ruin your relationships. 1. Adding People Without Asking for Permission For the love of everything that is still beautiful in this world, please, please ask permission from people first before you add them to a group chat. Or at the very least, inform them that you are going to throw them into a moshpit of online exchange between people they may or may not know.

7 Unmistakable Signs You’ve Become an Internet Troll

It’s easy to spot one of the internet's most annoying by-products—the trolls. They have a penchant for fighting online. They like shoving their opinion where it doesn’t belong because they believe they’re always right. And they like engaging in pointless arguments. But if you spend a lot of time among trolls, you may find yourself picking up a few of their habits. So if you’re wondering why people seem to hate you just because of a "passionate exchange of ideas" you’ve had online, maybe it’s time to check if you’re becoming a troll yourself. Here are a few signs that you’re turning into an internet troll...
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